Ecobank Ussd Transfer Code

It's not only about receiving bank text messages, now you can do easy mobile money transaction on your phone with Ecobank transfer ussd code.

Ecobank Transfer Ussd Code 

Gone are those days when you have to stand in the queue for almost an hour in the bank or any ATM branch to transfer money to your family and friends, with the Ecobank Mobile banking code *326#, you can perform any transaction without any hassle.

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Ecobank Mobile Banking 

Ecobank introduced mobile ussd code for easy banking for it's customers that wants to buy airtime, pay bills, transfer money from their Ecobank account etc.

You can also check and request for statement of your account with the Ecobank 2020 ussd code.

Ecobank Transfer Code 2020

Simply dial *326*transfer amount*account number*your Ecobank transfer pin# from your phone.

Eg: *326*5000*3109058369*7527# 

Once your transfer is successful, you will receive a debit alert confirming your transfer to the receiver.

There are also other useful transactions that you can do with the Eco bank code:

Other Useful Eco Bank Ussd Code For Transaction.

1. Ecobank Recharge Code 2020

Have you ever run out of airtime and needs to recharge urgently, simply dial from your phone the Ecobank recharge code *326*4*recharge amount#.

To recharge family and friends dial *326*4*recharge amount*phone number# to recharge your friends line.

2. Ecobank Balance Code

You can always check your account balance with Ecobank, simply dial the Ecobank balance ussd code *326*1*1# and get details of your account balance.

3. Ecobank Online Transfer Code 2020

Simply dial +326*3# and perform the Ecobank xpress cash transactions from your phone.

4. Pay Bills With Ecobank Code

If need be to pay bills eg: Tv subscription, pay for online store, or pay any bills with your Ecobank account dial *326*5#

Ecobank Loan Code

Borrow Loan from Ecobank now which can be done easily when you dial the Ecobank loan ussd code *326*7# and get started.

These Ecobank Ussd code for mobile banking saves stress and time, allowing you to manage your Ecobank transactions from:

• Ecobank money transfer, 

• Ecobank account balance check, 
• Ecobank recharge, 
• Ecobank bill payments and also borrow and get a cash loan from Ecobank anywhere you are.
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