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How To Toast A Girl - Best Secrets To Toast A Girl You Love

How To Toast A Girl / Lady And Make Her Fall In love With You.

How to toast a girl
How To Toast A Girl 

When it comes to toasting a girl just know that girls are looking for guys that are successful in life, guys with luxurious cars and much more.

Relationship Text Messages 
Friendship Text Messages 
Valentine's Text Messages 

Although there are certain requirements needed to be put in practice if you want to toast a girl or toast lady and make her fall in love with you at first sight. These tips and tricks is effective for those looking for how to toast a girl on facebook, Whatsapp or any social media.

5 Things To Do When Approaching A Lady For The First Time.

1. Look Good

Is no longer a new thing that girl's are moved by what they see, getting a girl's attention goes with your appearance of you.

Now the trick is to look good and neat in her eyes when approaching her.

2. Start With Greeting 

Girls love guys that would respect and value her and the only way of you showing it for the first time is to greet the lady with remarks. 

You can start Good morning " pretty lady " then await her response, if she responds then you are on the right track.

3. Introduce Yourself 

After the greeting  the lady then consider introducing yourself to the girl otherwise stand a chance to be ignored. 

There is a 90% chance that she will walk out on you in the middle of the conversation because she is talking to a stranger 

4. Go Straight To The Point 

A pretty lady knows what a man wants when approaching her and loves guys who are courageous to tell them. 

Once you meet a girl you want to toast,  walk straight to them and tell her you are interested in her. 

5. Do Not Rush Her

It's in their history to say no or sound not intrested for a date, reasons is because they do feel like once approached for the first time and they say yes, that means they are cheap.

So, do not rush her but keep track of her through social media either facebook or Whatsapp.

Best Way To Toast A Girl And Make Her Fall In love With You 

1. Look Nice When Approaching Her

2. Start By Greeting Her With Remarks 

3. Introduce Yourself To Her

4. Let Her Know Your Intentions 

5. Do Not Rush Her

6. Follow Her Up On Any Social Media Platform 

7. Request For Her Number ( If she doesn't want to give it out it's okay ) 

8. Add English Language To Maintain A Good Conversation With Her

9. Never Follow Her Up When Guys Are With You 

10. Always End The Conversation With A Thank You Message.

Things You Should Not Do When Toasting A Girl 

1. Do Not Whistle At Her 

Never whistle at her like she is a dog. If she was liking the boy from a distance before, that feeling dies that day.

2. Never Use Slang Words When Approaching Her 

Guys are fond of calling girl's with slang words eg: Nwaoma osiso, Nwaoma 2021, Tomato jos etc such exclamation can make the girl loose intrest in you.

3. Do Not Look Like A Tout 

Look good, appear successful and responsible because girl's are likely moved by what they see. 

Toasting A Girl You Love 

Toasting a girl to love you is easy, just appear humble and neat, approach her bodly and let her know what you think about her, toast her on facebook and Whatsapp, respect her and consider sending her relationship messages if you managed to get her number.


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