Personal Quick Loans In Lebanon | Up to $1000

Do you want to live your dream life in Lebanon, there are Loan vendors that offers personal quick loans in lebanon, instant cash loans approval without collateral.

Best Personal Quick Loans In Lebanon To Borrow Money From This Year

1. Cedrus Bank Loan

The Cedrus Bank Personal Loan is designed to meet the diverse needs of clients. Clients can use the flexible loan to cover any personal financial needs, including but not limited to, furnishing their home, covering wedding expenses, settling tuition fees, or to consolidate loans.

Why You Should Borrow From Cedrus Bank? 

Their loan characteristics explained features of their loan term :

• Their loan currency is in USD

• The minimum amount you can borrow from is $2000 and maximum is $5000

• Their repayment terms goes for 1years minimum and 5years maximum 

• File fees is 1% of loan amount, Minimum $50 | Maximum $350

• Application Age goes for 21 to 64 years at loan maturity

Requirements For Applying For Cedrus Loan

• You must be employed 

• Minimum income: USD 1,000 or Eq. in LBP

• Minimum years of experience in the same field: 2 Years.

• Copy of ID or copy of valid passport

• Proof of residence (mayor certificate or latest utility bill showing the address)

• Syndicate and insurance cards are requested from professionals (doctors, engineers…).

2. BBAC Personal Loan 

If you are stuck in a tight financial situation, the Personal Loan from BBAC provides you with a fast and simple cash solution suitable for your personal needs.

Requirements For BBAC Loan:

• You must be Lebanese, residing in Lebanon

• You must be between 21 and 60 years old at loan maturity

• You must have at least 1 year of work experience

• You must have a minimum monthly income of 1,000 USD, or its equivalent in LBP, if you are either an employee or self-employed.

Why BBAC Loan?

• They offer their loan currency in US Dollars or Lebanese Pounds.

• BBAC offers Loan Amount of up to 50,000 USD or its equivalent in LBP

• Repayment Period is up to 5 years.

Visit BBAC Loan Webpage to apply.

3. Byblosbank Loan

If Unexpected costs often hit when you least expect them, then Byblos Bank is the right place to find solutions. Their Personal Loan is available in both LBP and USD, it is designed for flexibility, empowering you to seize opportunities, avoid cash shortages, or deal with whatever else life throws at you.

You can borrow up-to 50,000 USD with 5 years repayment terms with a competitive fee.

You can apply through their website or visit any of their nearest branch.

4. Bankaudi Loan

Whether you are redecorating your home, planning your wedding or the trip of a lifetime, sometimes an extra push is all you need. Thus, Bank Audi gives you flexible and comfortable borrowing options.

They offer loan amount up to 15 times your salary,  their loan period starting 12 months and up to 60 months, also offers  fast loan approval, same day if applied before 12pm, Compounded debit interest rates...

Requirement For Applying:

• Salary domiciliation (or appropriate guarantee).

• Monthly payments must not exceed 33% of the income for salaried employees and 25% for self-employed individuals.

5. Saradarbank Loan

Do you need to take a vacation or finish that mountain house renovation. Whatever your goals are, saradarbank have a personal loan that can get them done.

They offer their loan currency in USD and LBP, Up to USD 50,000 or LBP 75,000,000 with 5 years repayment terms.

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