Eid Mubarak Message

Best Eid Mubarak Message 

Eid Mubarak is an arabic term that means Happy / Blessed Feast / festival”. 

The term is used by Arab Muslims, as well as Muslims all over the world. 

Internationally Muslims use it as a greeting for use on the festivals of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. Eid means "Celebration", and Mubarak (derived from the Semitic root B-R-K) means "Blessed". 

In the social sense, people usually celebrate Eid al-Fitr after Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha in the month of Dhul Hijjah (the 12th and final Islamic month). Some state that this exchange of greetings is a cultural tradition and not part of any religious obligation.

Happy eid Mubarak to all Muslim world Wide.

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Best Eid Mubarak Messages

Eid Mubarak message
Eid Mubarak Text Messages 

1. After congregational eid prayer, Sentiment reciprocated with deep sense of
Gratitude and manifestation.
Very very happy eid to you and your family

2. "Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak", May Allah shower countless blessing upon You and Your Family. Keep me in your prayers.

3. “There Is No Enemy as much stronger Outside our Souls, Than The Real Enemies Living Inside us. These Are

ANGER, PRIDE, GREED, HATE and many more…….

these must be Slaughtered to Please Allah Almighty before Slaughtering an animal.
Eid Mubarak.

4. Aey eid k chaand! Kyun krta hai tu molviyon ko pareshan, tujhe dekhne k liye be-chain hain Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman, tujhe dekh nahi paate,poore pakistan k insan, magar na jane kahan say dhond lete hain tujhe peshawar k pathan....,


5. After 1 day, After 24 hours, After 1440 min, After 86400 sec

Every1 will send u this msg but i am the
1st telling u and ur family Eid Mubarak.

6. Amidst The Spirit Of Festivity That Fill The Air ... Hope Allah's Blessing Be Bestowed Upon You ... And May Your Day Sparkle With Joy And Merriment. 
Eid SMS.

7. Apni Ankhen Band Karke Mera Chehra Tasawor Kren. Kr Liya?

Ok Mubarak Ho Ap Ne 12 Din Pehly Hi
“Eid Ka Chand” Dekh Liya.

Eid Mubark.

8. As Allah waters HIS Creation, May HE also sprinkle HIS wonderous blessings over you and your beloved ones.

9. Before the Golden Sun Rise, let me decorate each of the Rays with Wishes of Success, prosperous and Happiness 4 u and 4 ur Family.

Happy Eid Mubarak.

10. Being with you makes a very moment of mine a celebration ..!!

EID Mubarak !!

11. Beware of other duplicae "EID wishers"
I'm the only authorized iso 2011 certified dealer in EID WISHES.

I wish u an original sweet EID Mubarak.

12. Cardially. Happy Eid day from the depth of right & left ventricles, wrapped with the ribbons of purkinje fibers and sealed in pericardium.

Decorated with SA and AV nodes with a glitter topping of pericardial fluid and cusps of mitral and tricuspid valves.

In short ap ko teh-e-dil se EID MUBARAK ho :)

13. Celebrate Your Eid Festive With Your Dear & Near Ones. A Very Heartfelt Eid Mubarak To You And Your Loved Ones..!!
Happy Eid Mubarak..!!

14. Close Ur Eyes And Imagine My Smily Face, Have You Done It???
Mubarak ho Aap Ne 5 Din Pehlay Hi Eid Ka Chand Dekh liya‚¦.

15. Do you know what is the meaning of EID ? Eid is the combination of 3 meaningful words

E - Embrace with open heart
I - Inspire with impressive attitude
D - Distribute pleasure to all

~Eid Mubarak~

16. Don't open it for atleast 5 more day,
Mujhey pata tha aap say sabar kahan ho ga,
Happy EID Mubarak.
Yaad rakhna I'm the first 2 say u eid Mubarak !

17. E-Embrace with open heart
I-Inculcate good deeds
D-Distribute & share Allah's bounties with the underprivileged
Eid Mubarak!

18. Eid is a wonderful day To Pray, To Love, To Care, To Smile, To Relax, And to thank Allah for His benevolence!
Happy Eid ul-Fitr!

19. EID Mubarak Every One. Special;;y My Mother, my wife my brothers and all friends and family.

20. Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak

Our Eid has come, To bring us peace, To bring us love, To charish our life, It is the time We muslims came together Shoulder to shoulder. It is the time We muslims share our love, Share believe.
Eid Mubarak, Eid Mubarak

21. Eid... A time for joy, a time for togetherness, a time to remember my blessings..

For me... it's you!

May Allah Bless you & Give u all the joy u bring to my life!

22. Everyone sent u Tradition words about
Eid but i m the fist one To send u

"Meat Mubarak" And Keep on eating Different dishes On this season

Happy Bakrid Mubarak.

23. From Home to home, and heart to heart,
From one place to another, The warmth and joy of EID, Brings us closer to each other.

Eid Mubarak

24. HaPPY Eid MubariK

I know its too early...but l have hundreds of boys and pretty girls to wish...So I decided to finish off Uncles & Aunties first.

25. Happy EID-Mubarak to all of you
A Wonderful One..!! To Help Make Your Eid
Friendship And Fun Light Hearted Moments Of Bright, Happy Things Warm, Happy Hours And That This Eid Day Brings.

26. Hope, Love & Laughter, warmth & wishes, joy and a Bouquet of Eid Wishes,

Especially for you..... jublications become a past of your eid and your life....!


27. I am far miles away from you but i still can touch you can feel you can wish you Because i live in your Heart 

Happy Eid Day

28. I just want you to know you’re being thought about and wished the very best of everything especially on your birthday.

Happy Birthday!

29. I wish a wish for u. The wish i wish for few. The wish i wish for u is that your all wishes come true so keep on wishing as my all wishes are with you.
Eid Mubarak

30. I wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful Eid. May Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease
the suffering of all peoples around the globe.
Eid Mubarak

31. Its more than just an Eid wish,
more than a message too. For it comes with warm and loving thoughts because it's meant for you.

32. Lets learn the basic essence of sacrifice and lets celebrate this Eid by sacrificing our egos. Eid ul Azha Mubarak !

33. Like the colour of silver, in the night sky, the new moon rises, the holy month has past, the fasting is over, tomorrow is the great feast of Eid-ul-Fitr.

We will eat spicy chicken, and mouthwatering pakoras, I'll call my neighbours, and friends on the street, may the peace of Allah, and joy of Eid, be with everyone.

34. Lonesome without u, Each n every moments. When i am alone I close my eyes n think of u, and thoughts of ur love warms Me inside and makes me smile. miss you a lot. eid mubarak.

35. Look Outside, Its so pleasant! Sun Smiling For you, Trees Dancing for you
Birds singing for you Because I requested them All to wish You
**..*EID MUBARAK*..**

36. May this Eid brings u all the happiness that u ever wished.

Eid Mubarak

37. May Allah bless you...and may you have a joyous Eid celebration.

38. May Allah bless: Your days with happiness; Your weeks with prosperity; Your months with contentment; And your years with love and peace!
Happy Eid

39. May Allah flood your life
with happiness on this occasion,

Your heart with love, Your soul with spirtual, your mind with wisdom,
wishing u a very Happy Eid Mubarik

40. May God send his Love like Sunshine in his warm and gentle ways to fill every corner of your Heart and filled your Life with a lot of Happiness like this EID DAY.

Wishing you EID MUBARAK.

41. May the auspicious occasion of Eid 
bless you with peace and bring joy to your heart and home.
EID Mubarak

42. May The Blessings Of Allah Fill Your Life With Pleasure And Open All The Doors Of Success Now And Always.

Happy Eid Mubarak..!!

43. May the choicest blessing of Allah fill your life with joy and prosperity.

44. May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure. May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home and family and specially for you.

45. May the magic of this EID bring lots of happiness in ur life & may u celebrate it wid all your close friends & may it fill ur HEART wid love

46. May this… Eid bring Fun, Eid bring Happiness, Eid bring God Endless Blessings, Eid bring fresh love…
EID MUBARAK to You with all best wishes

47. May your plate of life be always full of juicy kebabs & tikkas, topped with the chutney of happiness.

With best wishes:-):-):-)

48. May you be guided by your faith in Allah & shine in his divine blessings!
Eid Mubarak

49. My Blessing, Congratulations and Good wishes. I wish you the best of everything for not only in EID-UL-Fitr but also all the years ahead.*EID MUBARAK*

50. Of all the days to celebrate
this out shines the rest, Here is hoping that this EID is happiest and best.

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Doulike Dating Review | Doulike Contacts | Doulike App

Doulike Dating Site Reviews

Are you still searching for dating sites for local singles in your area ? Then allow me to introduce you to Doulike.com where you can meet, chat and date with single men and women.

Dating Sites In South Africa 

About Doulike 

Doulike Dating
Doulike Dating Site Review 

Doulike is an online dating website for singles around the world connecting over 3,000,000+ members who are intrested in online dating for free. 

You can join their growing online dating community where everyone has a chance to find their significant other.

Their convenient platform was designed to help you reveal people your true colors, explore your options, and easily connect with those you Like and most importantly, who likes you back.

Due to a sophisticated DoULike.com algorithm, everyone will feel comfortable browsing through their website. 

How Doulike Dating Works?

1. Sign up and register on their website through this link: DoulikeWeb

2. Browse local singles and click the heart button if you like someone

3. If that person like you too, then you have a match

4. Message your match to found out each other better and have a date. 

Why Join Doulike? 

1. You get to meet thousands of local singles everyday 

2. You get access to 80% verified profiles on Doulike who are also intrested in dating

3. Testimonies from 100's of Succeful date match from Doulike website.

Another perk of joining DoULike is their extensive options for local dating.

They know how frustrating it is when you really like someone but then you find out that they live across the ocean. The long-distance relationship is definitely not for everyone, so start your search the right way with Doulike online dating site for singles.

Doulike App / Apk 

You can download the Doulike dating app for Android and iOS that connects you with singles, everywhere and anytime.

Download Doulike Apk For Android.

Wrapping Up On Doulike 

Anyone can choose their desired filters and enjoy the process. No matter if you are looking for someone in their twenties or more into senior singles, you will meet them on Doulike website
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Union Bank Transfer Code | Union Mobile Banking Code

With *826# you can Recharge your phone, buy airtime for yourself, pay bills, check your account balance, transfer money to other banks, buy airtime for others, transfer money to union bank accounts, and make cardless withdrawals with Union Bank ussd code.

Ecobank Transfer Code 
Zenith Bank Transfer Code 
Fidelity Bank Loan Code

Union Bank Transfer Code 

Union Bank Transfer Code 

Unlike every other mobile banking code in Nigeria, *826# is the short cut of getting things done faster and smarter on union bank.

You can transfer money from your union bank account to another union bank with *826#

You can recharge your line / transfer airtime to family and friends with *826#

Pay bills : Nepa bills, Cable tv, Dstv subscription etc with *826#

How To Transfer Money With Union Bank Transfer Code 

Simply dial *826*transfer amount*account number*your union bank transfer pin# from your phone.

Eg: *826*5000*3109058369*7527# 

Once your transfer is successful, you will receive a debit alert confirming your money transfer to the receiver.

There are also other useful transactions that you can do with the Union bank code:

• To transfer money from your union bank to union bank accounts dial *826*1*transfer amount*account number#

• To transfer money from your union bank account to another banks dial *826*2*transfer amount*account number#

Other Useful Union Bank Code For Mobile Transactions 

Union Bank Balance Code

To check your union bank account balance from your phone dial *826*4# within minutes you will receive a text message containing your account balance.

Union Bank Recharge Code

You can recharge airtime for yourself when you dial *826*amount# 

You can also recharge airtime for your family and friends with Union bank recharge code when you dial *826*recharge amount*phone number#

Union Bank Cashless Withdrawals

You can make cashless withdrawals, pay bills from your union bank account when you dial *826*7*amount#

Charge For Money Transfer On Union Bank 

The charge for fund and money transfer to other banks is ₦52.50 per successful transfer transaction. It is free to other UBN accounts.

Union Bank Transfer Limits

Just to help you keep track of your spending, there is a daily cumulative amount of ₦200,000 transfer limit for each union bank account 

How To Activate The Union Bank Transfer Code 

From your registered line linked with your union bank account dial *826# confirm and activate your mobile transfer by entering your account number and follow the prompt option on your screen.
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Free Dating Sites In UAE | United Arab Emirates Free Dating Sites

Meet and date with single (Uae) Arab Emirates for serious relationship, marriage, friendship and hook up.

Dating Sites In India 
Filipina Dating Sites
Naijaplanet Dating Site

There are over 50 free dating sites in united arab emirates where you can meet chat and date with uae girls, Dubai dating apps, meet uae dating girls for serious relationship.

Best Dating Sites In Uae - 100% Free United Arab Emirates Dating 

Dating Sites In United Arab Emirates (Uae) 

1. Lovehabibi Dating

Lovehabibi is an Arab online dating sites with millions of like minded uae worldwide who are looking for a date or someone to hook up with.

On Lovehabibi you can meet uae singles, uae marriage, uae women, uae men, uae love, uae girls etc. 

Whether you are hearing about LoveHabibi for the first time, signup free today and connect with other people in the UAE looking for free online dating and find your very own truelove.

Visit Lovehabibi Now.

2. Meetville Dating

Meetville is one of the best online dating site in United Arab Emirates, where you can meet local single women & men who are looking for love, chat & relationship today.

Their dating service is free to join, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to meet singles in United Arab Emirates thanks to their huge user base and intelligent matching approach. 

You can Choose from singles who live nearby you, chat, flirt and go on unforgettable dates - it’s that simple.

Visit Meetville Now

3. Foreigngirlfriend Uae Dating Site

This is an online dating site where you can chat with single women and single men from all around the world, find someone who lives in your area or thousands of miles away.

You can easily expand your social circle and make friends with people you are really interested in enjoying communication with them at any time of the day and night,

At Foreigngirlfriend you can be yourself chatting with like-minded singles from the United Arab Emirates, share your experience and gain new one.

Visit Foreigngirlfriend Now.

4. Loveawake Uae Dating 

Loveawake is a Free UAE dating site that is helping men and women to find online love. Their 100% free singles service offers secure and safe online dating that allows you to browse and chat with single men and women from uae.

You get access to thousands of profiles of your choice without registration and just in case you want contact somebody, just sign up in 3 easy steps free of charge. 

New members are joining as you read this, guys and girls who are looking for someone like you. Join now and get acquainted with like-minded people without payment.

5. Cupidhit Dating

CupidHit.com is a dating site that provides Free Online Dating Service for singles in United Arab Emirates. 

Unlike other free dating sites that requires you to pay for sending message to members, their dating service is a 100% Free dating site. 

You can use their site to find single United Arab Emirates men, United Arab Emirates women, gay and lesbian for dating, lovers and friendship in United Arab Emirates. 

Join their site today, use their completely free United Arab Emirates dating service and start dating in United Arab Emirates now.

6. Mingle2 Dating

Mingle2 is a dating site that provides free online dating service to all singles looking for love, long-term relationship, marriage and friendship.

Their aim is to make online dating simple and accessible to everyone.

Visit Mingle2.com Now
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Best Dating Sites In India | Free Online Indian dating sites

Here are top list of free online dating site in India for marriage, serious relationships, dating, hook ups etc.

These popular dating sites helps to connect and unite Indian singles, middle aged Indians worldwide making it the most popular matchmaking and dating sites in India.

Naijaplanet Dating 
Dating Sites In Ghana 
Dating Sites In South Africa 

Popular Dating Sites In India 

1. Mingle2.com

Mingle2 is a free dating website where thousands of singles from india joins everyday with a safe and secure easy sign up process.

India Mingle2.com is a 100% india free dating service that unites thousands of fun, attractive, India men and India women for FREE. No gimmicks, no tricks, just sign up and you can find your match within minutes.

2. Indiadating.com

When it comes to connecting with india men and local India women in your area, Indiadating site helps to connect you to millions of Indians around the world for a serious date, relationship or marriage.

They hace the best experience with connecting and matching you with a local India who can really understand your language, culture and inner world.

They boost of their 100% genuine Indian date, speak with your date match in your native language and find common interests with them more easily and quickly.

3. Elitesingles.com

Looking to meet eligible Indian singles online? You are in the right place as Elitesingles dating site has helped to match thousands helping them to find true love and happiness.

Unlike other Indian dating sites, EliteSingles puts finding you a compatible partner first with their unique matchmaking technology, they are helping Indian singles right across the US find long-lasting love.

Simply visit Elitesingles dating website and register here.

4. eHarmony

If you are a single British Indian looking for like-minded men or women of Indian descent, eharmony is a great place to start. 

They offer a free online dating site that specialises in helping people find meaningful, long-lasting relationships that, in many cases, lead to marriage. 

Thanks to eHarmony unique Relationship Questionnaire, eharmony ensures that you will be paired with Indian singles who share more than just your heritage. 

Their matches are based on 29 dimensions of compatibility, so you will be one-step closer to connecting with someone who is completely right for you.

5. Quackquack.in

Are you in search of one of the leading websites for dating in India that unites all the single men and women from all over the world? If yes, then Quack Quack is the answer to your problem. 

They stand out from other free online dating sites in India because their website is full of a large database of genuine people to chat and date online. 

Here you can freely meet singles and associate with other people who are like-minded as you. 

They are similar to Indiadating site and the advantage of this website for online dating in India is that you will come across 100% authentic bachelors, You can speak with the best match in your own mother tongue and connect with him or her who has the same wavelength as yours. 

6. Indiacupid Dating

IndianCupid.com is a premier Indian dating and matrimonial site bringing together thousands of Non Resident Indian singles based in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and around the world. 

You can choose from their extensive list of matrimonial featuring eligible single NRIs and assist 1000s of Indian and NRI singles find their perfect match every day. 

Start communicating today via indiacupid  advanced messaging features.

7. Meetville

Here is another best free Indian dating site, It’s not only a place to chat with like-minded singles and find good friends, It’s also a perfect tool for finding your true love.

Meetville gives you a great opportunity to meet your special someone within just a few minutes. 

Follow some easy steps to find your match faster. 

All you need to do is just fill your profile to make it easier for others to get to know you better. And don’t forget to add your best photos. That’s it! 

You are ready to meet your future partner! You can download the app on your phone and chat with local singles instantly. Meetville is available for Android and IOS.

Conclusion On Free Dating Sites In India 

Online dating in India is increasing in its popularity due to the time deficiency and hectic lifestyle of the people. If you are interested in dating the most eligible Indian singles with the original profile, then this dating sites in India is for you.

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Citibank Personal Loan | Auto Loan | Student Loan | Car Loan

Citibanks now offers wide range of loans whenever you are ready to help you consolidate your debt, finance a home project or fund a major milestone.

A fixed-rate Citibank personal loan can help put all your plans into action.

Citibank Loan Review 

Citibank is an international online money lending finance company that offers different kinds of loans, from Citibank personal loans, Citibank Student Loan, Citibank Auto Loan, Citibank mortgage loans and home equity loan.

Requirements To Apply For Citibank Loan

1. Yearly income of at least $10,500

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3. You may have one other Citibank Personal Loan open at time of application, as long as it has been open for at least 6 months.

Citibank Loans, Interest Rates And How To Apply 

Citibank Loan

1. Citibank Personal Loan 

With Citibank personal loan, you can consolidate your debts, pay your bills, buy you dream car or house.

The Citibank personal loan amounts from $2,000 to $30,000 with a fixed rates of 7.99-23.99% APR 1.

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How To Apply For Citibank Loan.

You can apply for Citibank personal loan online or you can apply in person when you visit any of their nearest branch here.

2. Citibank Home Equity Loan 

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as the collateral. 

It is comprised of a draw period when you can access the funds and a repayment period during which you can no longer draw funds. 

A HELOC is approved for a specific amount that can be drawn on multiple times as needed, up to your available credit limit.

Do you want to buy a house, or you want to refinance your home, with tailored advice and guidance, Citibank Home Lending Officers can help you find a mortgage option that meets your needs.

How To Apply? 

The equity in your home can help you pay for home improvements, consolidate debt or give you peace of mind knowing that cash is available if you need it.

You can apply online or apply in person and receive instant cash with an interest fixed rate (APR) 6.62%.

3. Citibank Mortgage Loan 

Looking for a mortgage? Citibank can help make your dream home a reality. Citi offers expert guidance and online tools to support you every step of the way to buying a home.

Citibank Loan Login 

If you have already signed up for Citibank personal loan then you can access their login portal from here.
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Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Transfer money from your phone easily with zenith bank transfer code *966# and save the stress of standing in the queue.

Zenith Bank Code 

Zenith bank transfer ussd code *966# has helped in so many aspects from airtime recharge, paying bills, data recharge, airtime transfer to other people and now money transfer.

All zenith bank user's can now transfer money from zenith bank to zenith bank or from zenith bank to other banks in Nigeria with *966# and proceed. 

Zenith Bank Transfer Code 

• To transfer money from zenith bank to any other bank in Nigeria dial *966*transfer amount*account number# (eg: *966*5000*1234567892# ) 

• Select customer bank and re-confirm bank transfer details 

• Input your transfer pin and send

Note: you can do more with zenith bank ussd and procedures are shown below:

How To Transfer Airtime With Zenith Bank Transfer Code 

To Top Up or recharge your family and friends from your zenith bank account balance make use of the zenith bank airtime code *966*airtime amount*mobile number# 

Eg: *966*1000*08084992866# then you dial your airtime transfer code.

How To Pay Bills Using Zenith Bank Ussd Code 

To pay your bills either your cable TV, Nepa bills, school Bill etc.

• From your mobile phone dial *966*amount*customer ID# and proceed with the prompt option on your screen.

• To pay other Zenith Billers, simply dial; *966*6*Biller code*Amount# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

How To Check Your Zenith Bank Account Balance With Code

From your registered sim linked with your zenith bank account dial *966*00# then select 1 and send, you will receive a message containing your zenith bank account balance.

Wrapping Up On Zenith Bank Transfer Code 

Do you want to transfer money, Buy airtime, Transfer airtime, Pay bills etc.. 

Once you perform a transaction with your zenith bank ussd  code *966# you will receive alert immediately the transaction appears successful.
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